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Ren Benson

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About Ren

Ren Benson is a Texas native with a BS in Radio, Television, and Film from the University of North Texas in Denton. This pop culture lover is originally from East Texas and has lived in and around Dallas for the past thirty years.  Ren has done everything to make a living from sales to corporate script writing, though she currently works from home managing projects for the family business. 


When she’s not writing or recording at her standing desk, she’s raising two fluffy, willful little puppies with her husband, Troy, and trying to make the world a better place, one gonzo project at a time. 

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The Transformation

of Gloria Weidman


Early-retiree Gloria Weidman has moved home to care for her aging mom and struggles to kickstart her very stalled writing career when a series of grisly murders rocks her small East Texas town, leaving Gloria inspired to write again.


She finds her local investigations keep leading her back to the mysterious Henry Wynter, a new student in her creative writing class. When Henry begins writing an intoxicating tale of the first Roanoke settlers and the horrifying monster stalking them on their voyage to the new world, Gloria is entranced.

Audio Runtime: 8 Hours 17 Minutes (58 Chapters)

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The Finkles in Time

Fiction. Comedy. SciFi-Adventure

Bill and Marci Finkle are your fortyish, suburban everymen living their consumer-driven, somewhat empty lives when they inherit a mysterious family heirloom from Bill’s great Uncle Phinneus. The heirloom turns out to be a time machine and everything the Finkles think they know about the world (which isn’t much) is about to be turned upside down. Even worse, with their complete and total ignorance of all things, the world isn’t safe from the Finkles’ incessant foibles. When their neighbors also inherit a time machine from their own distant relation, the discovery opens up a world of intrigue. Are their neighbors really just their neighbors? Is Uncle Phinneus really dead? Can you change the future and the past?

Begin your adventure with the Finkles today!

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